The Core Functions of Asset Management

We often get asked what “good looks like” when it comes to the core functions of asset management, as each industry has its challenges and unique characteristics. Regardless of what sector you’re in, good asset management must ensure your assets deliver value in line with your operational priorities. We believe that an asset management system must address five key functional areas to be effective. These essential functions are Strategy & Planning; Process & Work Management; Systems; Data Management, and Organisation & Capability. Ensuring your asset management system addresses each function aligned to your business goals is a critical first step in delivering maximum value from your assets throughout the lifecycle.

core functions of Asset Management

If your assets aren’t delivering the desired value to the business, start by asking if your asset management system is effectively managing all of these functions. Then, suppose you need a hand to develop a clear picture of how your asset management system delivers these functions.

EnterpriseIS works with clients since 2009 to ensure they are managing their assets to deliver the required value to their business. We start by developing a data-based picture of your asset management health. Next, identify what core functions need to be addressed for your asset management system to support your overall business goals.

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