Critical Success Factors for Maintenance

Whilst each organisation has its own unique characteristics. At EnterpriseIS, we believe that the “building blocks” of a good maintenance organisation are the same and will lead to high performing assets when implemented effectively. Like all good processes, it starts with solid foundations: the culture, work processes, basic preventive activities, and the implementation of the (CMMS). A solid foundation ensures that activities align with business goals; roles are aligned with capabilities and work processes, delivering efficiencies.

Next is what we call the “low hanging fruit”, which is the first level of improvement that enables your maintenance team to move away from reactive maintenance and improve the reliability of your equipment. By developing sound planning and scheduling activities, establishing defect elimination programs, and implementing condition monitoring (where applicable), equipment reliability will significantly improve.

Moving upwards, the next step is “Taking control of maintenance,” which means working to reduce costs, further defect elimination and move towards predicting failure. This step will enable the organisation to improve reliability further whilst also improving the maintenance cost and returns to the organisation.

Optimising plant performance enables your maintenance team to lock in plant reliability levels through the continuing reduction in defects, improvements in critical spares management, and managing process bottlenecks.


critical success factors for maintenance

Finally, through the implementation of continuous improvement programs, asset management becomes an integrated activity incorporating accurate data from multiple sources, constant analysis of information and adjustment and decision making in this stage is “real-time” data collection and analysis.

EnterpriseIS has assisted clients from a broad range of industries to develop and implement each of these steps with their maintenance teams to help them deliver cost-effective maintenance, which supports operational outcomes since 2009. Get in touch with us on our website, or you can contact us at our office on 02 4271 7774.

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