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Case Study - Critical Failure Investigation

The Challenge

Following the commissioning of multiple new operational facilities, our client had subsequently experienced several failures of critical assets (main entry and exit doors) within the facilities, which had the potential to impact operations and the safety of personnel and clients. As a result, EnterpriseIS was engaged to investigate and analyse the assets, identify the root causes of the failure, and develop a plan to reduce or eliminate the causes.

The Solution

By working closely with stakeholders from the clients’ operations, asset management group and OEM, EnterpriseIS conducted an analysis of the failures with a view to establishing the root cause.

During the analysis of the failure data and maintenance activities, it was identified that there was a significant discrepancy between the specifications used for procurement and the actual use of the assets. Due to the procurement cycle not effectively identifying the expected cycle rates of the assets, inspection and maintenance activities were not put in place to support their operational use.

Through further analysis of actual asset cycle times, failure data and maintenance recommendations from the OEM, we were able to develop a plan to address the failure modes and provide an effective inspection program.

The Results

After the project, the client was able to return the assets to service with a plan that addressed the critical failures and addressed the following areas:

• Asset remediation actions

• Failure Modes Effects Criticality Analysis with mitigating actions addressed

• Preventive maintenance inspection based on failure modes.

As a result of the delivery of the findings and recommendations of this project, the client was able to safely return the assets back to operations and improve current maintenance practice.

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