Ops Readiness Plan Development – Case StudyPort Operations - WA, Australia

operational readiness plan development

The Challenge

The client had developed multiple Operational Readiness (OR) plans to support different business areas that were overly complex, had a lot of duplication, and were difficult to assign resources and track progress.

Our client asked EnterpriseIS to consolidate, restructure and simplify these into a single plan, allocate resources to each task, and build a schedule that would meet the project’s needs for a vertical start-up.

The client also required a resourcing plan and budget to be developed to support the successful delivery of the plan and a suite of reporting for OR progress against plan to ensure all stakeholders had a complete understanding of project status, issues, and concerns.

The Solution

Each OR plan for Mining, Processing and NPI was consolidated into a master OR plan and schedule utilising the EnterpriseIS Operational Readiness Framework.

The EnterpriseIS Framework consists of 18 elements, 114 sub-elements and over 400 questions to assist in developing the OR Plan.  Several gaps were identified between the current identified activities and potential actions to support ramp-up by utilising the framework.

Workshops with the multiple stakeholder teams were facilitated to; review the current activities, identify additional activities to address the gaps, assign resources, determine dependencies and set dates/schedules.  These activities were inserted into the overall OR planned to give a comprehensive view of all milestones and activities, their timing, who was assigned the task and effort to complete.

The developed schedule was then used for all OR reporting, from plant commissioning to project completion.

The Results

A simplified, integrated plan was developed, which aligned with the EnterpriseIS OR Framework. As a result, all task duplication was removed, identified activity gaps filled, resource plan and budget established, and a suite of reporting developed.

The schedule was tracked and updated with progress reported weekly and exception reporting discussed during management meetings.  The OR was completed to schedule and resulted in a successful operation start-up.

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