Improving first time product quality, production efficiency, yield and throughput, or reducing variation and scrap, is an imperative today to achieving a sustainable manufacturing process.  EnterpriseIS has a unique approach to improvement in this area to ensure you maximise your assets and people.

Whether manufacturing products on a make-to-order, or make-for-stock basis, on a large or small scale, at single or multiple sites, or with complex or relatively simple process flows, EnterpriseIS houses a suite of improvement tools and techniques that can be tailored to suit your specific circumstances.  With your external customers and internal stakeholders in mind, the EnterpriseIS approach to improvement is aimed at improving the efficiency, productivity and utilisation of your people and assets.

  • Improving first time product quality and customer satisfaction
  • Improving production efficiency, yield and throughput (OEE)
  • Reducing process variation
  • Managing production to the beat of the Customer (Takt time - On time)
  • Inventory reduction and Just-In-Time logistics
  • Effective asset management