Asset Management

One of the biggest investments you will ever make in business are your physical assets and these need to effectively managed to ensure the maximum return on your investment.

EnterpriseIS has years of experience helping all types of businesses get the most out of their equipment and assets.

From operating procedures on individual machines at the 'coal face' through to organisational capital equipment strategy we can help guide and support you to get the most out of your plant and equipment.

Whether you are wanting to develop the initial asset requirements for your start-up, challenge the current structure for managing your assets, evaluate the health of your maintenance organisation or develop or review your business’s asset management strategy the EnterpriseIS team has the depth and breadth of experience to support your every need.

Our facilitative approach will involve your key stakeholders upfront to clearly identify the short, medium and long-term objectives for any improvement project undertaken. This will ensure that the strategy adopted and implemented will not only achieve or exceed your needs, but also be the most cost effective for your business!

EnterpriseIS is also conversant in both the PAS55 Asset Management System and the ISO 55000 International Standard for Asset Management.

Our Asset Management services

EnterpriseIS offers Asset Management services, focused on the following areas;

  • Operational and or Maintenance Readiness Assessments / Development / Execution
  • Organisational Restructuring / Development
  • Work Management Business Process Development / Implementation
  • Work Management Coaching / Mentoring / Support
  • Maintenance Policies and Standards Development
  • Maintenance Evaluations / Situation Appraisals
  • Maintenance Management System Review (CMMS)
  • Maintenance / Reliability Engineering (Mechanical / Electrical) including Weibull & Failure Analysis
  • Maintenance Project Management
  • Equipment Commissioning Guidance / Support
  • Equipment Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Critical Spares Assessment / Analysis
  • Operational Critical Document / Manual Development
  • Maintenance Strategy / Job Plan / Work Instruction Development
  • Maintenance Planning / Scheduling
  • SWI / SOP / JSEA (or similar) Development
  • Isolation Procedure Development
  • Technical Writing
  • CMMS Master Data Development / Support (Equip. Hierarchy / TOS's / BoM's)