Business Excellence


To help you make real, sustainable improvements to your business EnterpriseIS works with you to analyse and understand your current business performance and then develop and apply real, practical solutions to help your business realise it’s potential.

Strategic and Business Planning

The best plans are those that are strategically aligned to your business objectives and supported by sustainable processes for their execution and deployment.

We understand that not every organisation requires the same level of detail when developing strategic or business plans so EnterpriseIS will work with you to tailor our approach to develop the planning response that suits your needs, be it your corporate Strategic Plan, site Business Plan, individual Departments’ plans and tactics, right down to specific projects and activities.

We explore and detail the technical aspects of the journey, and equally consider the organisation’s values, culture, processes and people – that is, the enablers for business success.

Data and Information Management

In business, data and information is paramount for making effective decisions. We understand that most organisations have a lot of data and information stored in various systems, but many find it difficult to make sense of it, or take clear concise action in response to it.

Our end-to-end data management methodology breaks down the barriers between data and business performance improvement. The application of statistical thinking enables our team to turn your data into knowledge, then your knowledge into action.

Our experienced analysts are well versed in setting up data collection and management systems, and applying analysis tools and techniques to enable you to monitor, analyse and report the key performance indicators necessary to sustainably manage your business for continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement

To remain viable or grow within a highly competitive, ever-changing environment, organisations are continually looking for opportunities for continuous improvement. Our specialised business improvement team has extensive practical expertise in assisting organisations to develop, implement and sustain continuous business improvements.

We offer support, tailored to suit your requirements, from specialist resources to run a project, through to assisting you to develop your Continuous Improvement strategy and/or program, linked to your Strategic or Business Plans. Our pragmatic approach to Continuous Improvement enables our team to work beside all levels in your organisation. We utilise proven, industry leading methodologies and practices, and effective Change Management techniques, to ensure that all key stakeholders are engaged during the entire process and we remain transparent throughout.

EnterpriseIS does not just stop when the implementation plan is presented, and we pride ourselves in the delivery of sustainable business improvements by working side-by-side with your people to drive implementation and realise bottom line results.

EnterpriseIS facilitates your business’s efforts to realise sustainable Business Excellence.