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Physical assets are often the largest investment for a business. Value can be measured in many ways including safety, throughput, reliability, inventory holdings, costs and even emissions, over the equipment lifecycle.

At EnterpriseIS we help our clients maximise the value of their assets by first exploring what success looks like for them. Some clients need help with strategy whilst others need more tactical work to support their front-line teams. Some are more mature on their asset management journey and others are just beginning. We tailor a solution specific to each client’s needs, to deliver on their goals.

Leaders are accountable for setting the strategy, having a plan to deliver on the strategy and executing the plan to deliver the desired results. Not everything goes to plan, so adjustments are quickly made to correct and stay on course. All this is made possible through the performance of their physical assets, operated and maintained by capable teams using data from information systems.

Success in Asset Management follows a similar methodology. You start with a strategy, develop a plan and execute against the plan. The business has a high-level Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) that describes the current state of their assets, desired future state, and the roadmap to bridge the gap. These key initiatives feed into annual plans.

Each critical piece of equipment also has its own strategy, based on potential failure modes, and plans, that when executed, will minimise the frequency and impact of these failures. Employees are trained in maintenance tactics and use information systems to predict, prevent and record equipment failures. The right KPI’s are regularly reported to measure progress against common goals.

Whether you need help with strategy, plans or are just not getting the desired results out of your assets, the team at EnterpriseIS can help tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Some clients come to us when they only have drawings and manuals, with their physical assets just starting construction. They ask us to develop their equipment structure, maintenance strategies, catalogue critical spares and write the tactics for maintaining all their equipment. We’ve completed this work remotely for some clients to upload into their systems prior to start-up. This approach has been successful for remote sites with constraints around flights and accommodation.

Other clients are more mature in managing their assets and ask for specific help in achieving the next level of performance. They may be wanting to achieve ISO 55001 accreditation, are worried about the condition of their critical spares or need some specialist on-site support to achieve a specific goal. Some of our clients are installing new equipment and want to understand all the different failure modes to determine the strategy, plan and tactics to optimise the whole of life value for these assets.

Some of our clients are installing new maintenance management systems and need help with process mapping or the data cleanse in preparation.

Whatever you need, at EnterpriseIS we will take the time to understand what success looks like for you and deploy the right resources to deliver on your goals.

EnterpriseIS is a long-term, key service provider to large organisations, operating in Mining, Manufacturing, Utilities and Government.  We bring together technical expertise, operational experience and a thorough understanding of the commercial impacts and risk management for the entire life of an asset.

Our key areas of expertise include:

We’ve helped clients develop their Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP), Policy and Standard. We’ve facilitated annual Business Plans and helped with the full or partial implementation of ISO 55001. This work often evolves into developing the people plans and organisational structures to support the strategy.  

We’ve been a very cost-effective means for clients to develop maintenance strategies for their assets prior to and post start-up. We start with the deliverables provided by the engineering team and OEM’s to:

  • develop equipment structures
  • create Bills of Materials
  • determine and catalogue critical spares
  • develop equipment strategies/tactics and
  • combine all these into maintenance plans.

Some clients request criticality and FMECA analysis as a feed into their strategies. Others prefer to keep it simple with our Specialists interpreting and improving on the OEM recommendations.

Some clients need help in selecting and implementing computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS). We’ve also helped clients with evaluating the current state of their Asset Management systems and processes against best practice and developing a plan to close the gaps.

We’ve embedded our Specialists within our client’s teams to provide front-line assistance in reliability engineering, planning, equipment maintenance strategies and tactics, standard job procedures and spares optimisation.

Clients are often concerned they have too many, not enough, or not the right spare parts and ask us to do analyse and optimise their holdings. We also help clients with an assessment and report on the condition of their Critical Spares, giving assurance they can be relied upon when needed.

We offer a remote planning service to our clients from our Wollongong office and even have our own CMMS to facilitate this service.

Whatever your need, at EnterpriseIS, we will take the time to understand what success looks like for you and deploy our specialised resources to deliver on your goals.

Contact us at the EnterpriseIS office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.

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