Preventing unplanned failure using the FMECA process

fmeca process - Failures Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis

Using the Failures Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) process to develop asset management strategies ensures that your maintenance activities effectively address each of the relevant failure modes, thus reducing the risk of unplanned break-down or failure. First, however, some steps need to be addressed (Shown in the infographic above). 

As an Asset Management specialist, the team at EnterpriseIS works with clients from a broad range of industries to implement this process and assist clients in reducing the risks of unplanned failure in the operation of their equipment. As a result, it is surprising that many organisations do not understand which failure modes apply to their assets and rely on legacy asset management strategies to maintain and operate their assets.

Suppose you are looking to improve the return your business is achieving from your assets. In that case, the FMECA process is a good starting place to understand if your maintenance activities support you to achieve your desired reliability targets. Get in touch with one of our asset management specialists if you’d like to discuss how EnterpriseIS can apply the FMECA process to your organisation. Contact us via our website.

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