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Operational Excellence is the execution of business objectives better than your competition.  It involves everyone in your team delivering value to your customers and the bottom line. It’s as much about culture as it is about utilising continuous improvement processes such as Lean and Six Sigma.

When approached by a new client, we start by exploring what success in Operational Excellence looks like for them. We then tailor a specific solution to deliver on their goals. The payback period for their investment is often a few months.

There is an expectation that leaders improve the performance of a business over time, delivering more and more value to all stakeholders. To do so, they need a clear strategy with an ambitious and executable plan that delivers on that strategy. They need the right people utilising structured processes and methodologies within a continuous improvement culture. Together these are the heart and soul of Operational Excellence.

At EnterpriseIS, we work with each client to deliver the level of excellence that they desire. We recognise that their individual needs and circumstances will be different to others.

Our key areas of expertise include:

Some of our clients ask us to facilitate their leadership team’s business strategy development. Once a strategy is agreed upon, this can lead to developing their business objectives and crafting these into an executable business plan for the coming year. The scope can then also extend into cascading the overall business plan into executable plans for each department that, when achieved, roll up into the organisation meeting its annual targets. Our team has been involved in developing strategy and business plans, at all levels, in some of the world’s largest companies. We have found that if you take the time to integrate all the business plans and have structured processes for reporting progress against the plan, you will be successful.

As a company switches strategic direction or strives for greater efficiencies, it often requires a redesign of roles and accountabilities. When well designed, with a solid change process, the redesign can result in more motivated employees, improved accountability, and outstanding business results. Some of our clients seek help in designing their structure and the change process for implementation. Our EnterpriseIS team have experienced multiple restructures in large multi-functioned organisations. We’ve worked in traditional hierarchical, centralised functional, divisional product-based, matrix and team-based structures. We’ve also designed fit for purpose structures for start-ups.

To improve performance, you first need to measure current performance. It starts with capturing the right data at the right frequency and calculating each metric or KPI. Then, a well-designed set of KPI’s and reports will cascade through each level of the organisation to measure the overall achievement of the annual plan and strategic objectives. During the business plan development process, we help our clients identify the KPI’s that will best measure the desired results. We also help them cascade the reporting of these throughout the organisation.

Some clients ask for help implementing Lean boards to aid their leaders in KPI delivery and continuous improvement. Our team helps with board design and coaching leaders before, during and post-roll-out.

At EnterpriseIS, our team is experienced in deploying Lean and Six Sigma methodologies in complex operations. Our methodologies are proven, and the toolkit extensive. We tailor these to deliver on each client’s specific needs.

Some clients need our help in identifying where to deploy their limited improvement resources. For example, they have vast amounts of data they need to be transformed into the knowledge of their greatest opportunities for improvement.  Our experienced data analysts use statistical analysis tools to develop charts and reports that paint a clear picture of current performance and opportunities. We then utilise the combined knowledge of the client and the EnterpriseIS team to determine and prioritise a list of improvement projects. Our team includes experienced Lean and Six Sigma resources that can be deployed to expedite the delivery of these projects for clients.

The highest priority for some of our clients is getting the most out of their existing physical assets. So they ask us to analyse and improve their Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). We spend time with their teams identifying and improving equipment availability, throughput and reducing defects. 

Our expertise in utilising continuous improvement methodologies has delivered success for our clients in many areas, including:

  • Management Operating Systems (MOS)
  • Improving safety and reducing waste through implementing 5S in the workplace
  • Reducing product change-over times
  • De-bottlenecking of plants and processes
  • Reducing product defects
  • On-time delivery improvements
  • Optimising inventory to reduce stock-outs and remove deadstock
  • Mapping the current state of processes and developing the future state
  • Increasing leadership time in the field with Day in the Life (DILO) Studies
  • Writing or updating procedures
  • ISO Compliance (9001)

Whatever your need, the team at EnterpriseIS will take the time to understand what success looks like for you and deploy the right resources to deliver on your goals.

Contact us at the EnterpriseIS office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.

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