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Operational Readiness Capabilities

The success of any project hinges on both the Operations team is ready to operate and maintain the facility and the construction of the physical asset itself! A successful start-up needs the right people, processes, systems, and equipment in place prior to the first production.

At EnterpriseIS, we help our clients take a structured approach to Operational Readiness using a tried and tested Framework to develop the tasks, plans and schedules for a successful start-up. We also have the in-house capability to undertake the readiness activities.

After exploring what success looks like for you with Operational Readiness, we tailor a solution to deliver your goals.

A successful capital project requires a well-designed and executed plan.  There is a scope for equipment supply and construction, a schedule, and a budget. Each of these has well-understood metrics for tracking progress against the plan.  A capable project team is recruited to deliver against these metrics.

Delivering quality physical assets on time and a budget is not the only prerequisite for a successful start-up!  It also requires the people receiving the asset to be ready to operate and maintain it. Unfortunately, this is the piece that is often underestimated, leading to unsatisfactory results in safely ramping up the operation.

Operational Readiness is the term used to describe an organisation’s preparedness for operating and maintaining an asset.  Talk to someone that was part of a successful start-up. They will proudly talk about the planning and preparation that led to that outcome.  Whilst the schedules for delivering the capital component of the project was being developed, so were the schedules to have the people, systems, processes, and procedures in place for operations.  They had a structured approach to developing an Operations Readiness Plan.

At EnterpriseIS, we also specialise in completing readiness activities for our clients.  Our key areas of expertise include:

At EnterpriseIS, we’ve developed an Operational Readiness Framework. The framework can be used to both assist our clients in developing structured plans and schedules or as an audit tool to identify any gaps in their preparation. For example, some clients seek our initial assistance in compiling all the activities for their readiness plans and developing the schedule for the work.  They later request an audit of their level of readiness against their plan to provide a level of assurance to Senior Leadership.

Some clients look to EnterpriseIS for a cost-effective means of developing maintenance strategies for their assets before start-up.  We start with the deliverables provided by the Engineering team and the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) to:

  • Develop equipment structures
  • Create Bills of Materials
  • Determine and catalogue critical spares
  • Develop equipment strategies/tactics and
  • Combine all these into maintenance plans.

Some clients request Criticality and Failure Modes analysis as a feed into the development of their strategies.  Others prefer to keep it simple with our Specialists interpreting and improving on the OEM recommendations.

Some of our clients ask us to facilitate their leadership team’s development of their business objectives.  We then craft these into an executable business plan for early operations.  Our team have been involved in developing business plans, at all levels, in some of the world’s largest companies.  We’ve found that if you take the time to integrate all the business plans and have structured processes for reporting progress against plan, your start-up will be more successful.

Some of our clients seek help in designing a fit for purpose structure for their organisation.  Our team have designed structures in large multi-functional organisations and can help with traditional hierarchical, centralised functional, divisional product-based, matrix and team-based structures.

Some limitations and constraints are inherent in the design of every operation.  For complex facilities with multiple operational areas, it is best that you understand and plan for these constraints rather than stumble across them after start-up.  Some of our clients ask for assistance in developing an Operating

The philosophy considers all the constraints to determine the optimal operating strategy.  The Philosophy is then used to develop the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).

Some clients need help in selecting and implementing computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS).  As impartial subject matter experts, we help by providing the analysis to recommend the solution that best fits their needs.

EnterpriseIS have embedded Specialists within our client’s teams to provide front-line assistance in planning, scheduling and tracking their operational readiness.  We’ve also assisted with providing resources for reliability engineering, maintenance planning, business improvement, and document writing during start-up.

Whatever your need, at EnterpriseIS we will take the time to understand what success looks like for you and deploy our specialised resources to deliver on your goals.

Contact us at the EnterpriseIS office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.

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