Remote Maintenance Capabilities

Onsite maintenance execution is only as effective as the maintenance planning activities that support the tasks at hand…. and keeping these roles onsite has become increasingly difficult, as experienced planning personnel are becoming harder to find and tougher to retain with some of the site challenges! Some larger companies have met this challenge by removing maintenance planning activities offsite through the implementation of networked systems.

Until now, this has been unachievable by smaller businesses due to the cost and complexity of the supporting technology.

The EnterpriseIS remote maintenance planning team now provides this support for clients across the country, reducing the cost and risk associated with these support activities.

Maintenance planning is a critical part of any maintenance organisation, as it ensures performing vital maintenance tasks and managing the equipment effectively. Traditionally, maintenance planning is done onsite by a maintenance team, using site planning tools and a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). However, finding maintenance personnel can be difficult, leaving planning roles under-staffed, resulting in highly stretched maintenance capability onsite.


This loss of capability often results in:

• Poorly planned or missed maintenance tasks

• Poor quality or no maintenance history data captured

• Frustration within maintenance planning teams.


Leading to:

• Increased unplanned downtime

• Poor utilisation of maintenance teams

• Increased cost of maintenance activities.


Until recently, the only way for a business to meet these challenges has been to keep their maintenance planning activities onsite and “push through” when planners are away or the position is vacant. Many large companies have moved maintenance planning teams offsite and into centralised planning facilities to improve their utilisation and reduce costs to meet these challenges. These activities have only been possible due to the significant improvements in CMMS tools and networking, along with video-conferencing capability and connectivity. The good news is now; these tools are available to businesses of any size!

To help businesses ensure their maintenance planning activities are delivered continuously and effectively, EnterpriseIS has established a Remote Maintenance Planning Centre in their Head Wollongong office. This facility currently supports clients across Australia to provide the following services:


• Asset Registers and Functional Locations Structure development)

• Maintenance strategy and tactics development

• Delivery of maintenance planning services

• Development and management of maintenance schedules

• Weekly maintenance KPI reporting.


This enables maintenance execution teams to focus on delivering ongoing maintenance tasks, with planning and scheduling activities completed by experienced planners in our office. We attend daily meetings via weblink or teleconference and manage our clients CMMS/planning system remotely, thus removing the requirement to employ these roles onsite. Our experienced maintenance planners can work alongside site teams to deliver complete planning services, shift coverage or hybrid planning/scheduling support, whilst reducing cost and staffing risks. We work within your CMMS or can be self-sufficient and manage your assets through our maintenance system.

Contact us at the EnterpriseIS office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.

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