5S Implementation – Case StudyGlobal Iron Ore Miner - WA, Australia

5S Implementation

The Challenge

A rapidly expanding Mining operation in Western Australia had experienced growth over a four-year period that had exceeded its business plan and resource forecast. This meant that additional equipment and employees were joining the business every month.

These rapid changes now exposed the company to various asset management and training issues in a continuously changing and transient environment.

As a result, it has become necessary to promote organisational safety and efficiency in the workplace to prevent waste and losses. As a result, EnterpriseIS were engaged in discovering how they could contribute necessary change through 5S implementation. 

The Solution

EnterpriseIS implemented a Lean 5S program to enable safe, efficient and visual improvement changes for the workplace. EnterpriseIS standardised roles with simple training mechanisms designed to transfer knowledge quickly and efficiently to new employees.

In addition, we identified business waste within all office and workshop environments and addressed the eight (8) areas targeted within a standard lean program. The eight (8) areas targeted were: Transport, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over-Processing, Over Production, Defects and Resources.

The Results

A clean, tidy and standardised work environment is easy to sustain the 5S program, including schedules, audits, and visual workplace with appropriate reward and recognition programs.

• The business held less inventory

• Increased safety through removal of potential hazards

• Increased work and storage space

• Colour-coding work areas promoting safety and organisation

• Standardised filing and storing systems

• Increased efficiency in work execution

• Efficient training and systems

• An interchangeable workforce.

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